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The Yangzhou Centre and Residence (Yangzhou Changle Kezhan) is handy to a number of popular Yangzhou attractions such as Ge Garden,  ancient canal,  Zhunti Temple and the Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall.
This Yangzhou hotel features prominent classical Chinese design elements with its pavilions,  terraces,  latticed windows,  curved eaves,  stone paved road.
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住客评论 2011条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • maybe
    Unexpectedly good, quiet inns within a view to want to go to attractions. prices are reasonable, if to Yangzhou, as preferred, HA HA ~ ~
  • davidlin
    Hotel naozhongqujing, garden style well. just because maintenance of the facility reconstruction. kids play enough ball
  • gardenia69
    Featured hotels in Yangzhou, int class, staff very friendly.
  • pacific
    Very good, have the opportunity again to
  • BJ Freeman
    Environment is really good, but room a bit cold desire to improve
  • gua12gua
    Hotel is a typical southern gardens and pavilions are not missing, twisted feeling. Inn was a scene in itself. breakfast was great ... Nice.
  • ambroselin
    Nice environment.
  • linjl000
    Convenient, very unique. only time not well within the park for a walk
  • evelyn810
    Hotels is converting an old House gardens, beautiful Uncle several security services are at the door Bang Bang da
  • blueseaniyan
    Very satisfied
  • calebjael
    All right.
  • lle789
    Location super nice is Dong Guan Jie night market is very lively and beautiful on one side is the most in our room types well is, of course, rooms are a little taste of the decoration of the hotel is an attraction than a ticket on spots better than Lake tickets personally undeserved ticket prices were too high to Yangzhou Changle antique atmosphere of the Inn is absolutely give you a surprise trip
  • atuan
    Twice to Yangzhou, are choosing to live in here, very nice indeed!
  • LillianLin8565
    Very comfortable hotel, with local characteristics
  • cirejin
    Environment is very good, being in the picture. in and out of a long way to go, a slight inconvenience. service attitude.
  • Dollyxu
    Worth living
  • niny1412
    In a quiet, makes people feel calm, ease, the overall feeling quite well. like nostalgia, families of the elderly, taking them a taste of it.
  • vinggi_yip
    Which is very nice
    Firm appointment, decisive, here is really nice and good quality of sleep!
  • e02826883
    Like this, next time you come to stay
  • sound_of_summer
    Very good, facilities are OK, because wood decoration, sound is a little weak, but Garden Hotel very good and also very convenient travel
  • erric
    A very good environment, live, eat more generally. environment and beautiful hotel is always live and eat place. only suitable for Garden not suitable for living.
  • linxiaosun
    It's OK
  • jinjm
    After a quiet and comfortable hotel will be booked here is also super good Dong Guan night market on the street side, is very busy and very memorable experience, with parents to spend a few days in the future.
  • sdsdd
    Good cultural atmosphere of the Inn
  • Goosie99
    From the facility to the environment are very satisfactory, the only downside is that parking is not convenient, combined with a residential parking lot, waiting for half an hour, phoned to say there was fire place
  • danielyu007
    Very good, very classical hotel.
  • Bowen
    Environment is very good, much better than next to a park
  • win000
    In a quiet, pavilions, they go out the East Street, highly recommended!
  • Slector
    Feature attractions built quiet throughout the hotel as if through the ancient rich family because the rooms are arranged in four different garden going to drop across the garden just for a walk because of hot days didn't have a good visual park covers an area of around during the day was reserved for the big room, very clean room must identify well in advance
  • cat8785003
    Hotel of environment very very satisfaction, make in the take static, itself on with has garden of attractions. room overall of Chinese wind also good, although didn't imagine in the so spacious, this season with heating also is comfortable, is live of that between room of bathroom of handles not is flexible. new year during gym cannot with, publicity in the of pool also failed to see, some regrets. Chinese breakfast compared simple, taste also can, out has Inn, whole article Dong Guan Street are is eat of, very convenient.
  • mimialice
    The location is very good, but the room is small, a little taste.
  • e00019489
    Worthy of top ten theme Inn first, the people in the midst of the garden, as in ancient times, the rich man, we just wrapped a yard between the two families, the door also has a very large living room, environment pretty well. service attitude is good, is the room clean enough to host guests leave toothpaste in the basin not cleaned, overall still very satisfied with
  • xun-li
    Inadvertently select of a hotel, but is surprise Ah, in Garden in the of room, is not out in hotel in also can shopping Shang day, alone out is famous of Dong Guan Street. away from near of attractions, teahouse also is near, portal is a park. I home baby is very like. only insufficient is that days didn't rain, haha, didn't feel to South rain of taste. back Hou on recommended colleagues to has, is so evaluation. next also will to!
  • e00891509
    Nice, quiet, go out the East Street
  • larssonsweden
    Hotel is quite distinctive, highly recommended!
  • miss Garfield
    Environment of the hotel is good, is to drain a little taste of the room, waiter service at breakfast was not very good, people ate for a long time, no one cleared the table, his hands.
  • caosam
    Newly renovated very thick paint smell of smoke in the room especially the way staff unsmiling owed him money other good Inn features out to a large internal areas is pedestrian street is very busy
  • eileenliu
    Hotel of building style is has features, also is see in this Shang only set of room. very good of location, hotel on in Dong Guan Street, just not too good taxi. luggage more night walking hotel of battery sent we to good taxi of place, family are very satisfaction. next also will to live, again experience about features houses room. If said has what recommends does, is bath of water more slow, is need improved of at.
  • linwedy
    Well, well worth a stay
  • aiamy
    Just met snow, waiter to see we are a 2-room are not arranged in the same row, and later to the guest request before changing, Jing is good, hotel is also sent to the parking lot of the car battery, Ting is hot water in the room, nice hotel
  • cls131982
    Great cultural character of the hotel, and everyone liked the hotel is like a big garden, quiet and mysterious without losing the charm of Yangzhou, a pleasant one, and next time will come.
  • Anne6600
    Really good, worth
  • Desmondboey
    Environment is very good, the hotel itself can be used as a site, South Gate, in a park, pedestrian street, with breakfast, it's really good, also is said to be where emperor Qianlong Alex to live.
  • e00044220
    Mosquito.! Rooms with heating, close to the end of the heating film too hot to sleep.
  • carnation
    Is located in Dong Guan, the streets, the hotel itself is a fairly distinctive gardens, not worse than the Park, not the guest cannot enter, maintained the hotel quiet. morning hanging out in the hotel, quite pleasant.
  • JT99168
    Very good hotel
  • bobocome
    Living here is like living in a garden, elegant environment. with the stark contrast of Dong Guan static and dynamic Street, right next door. because it is golden week, so more experience. each day from the bustling Dong Guan Jie walked into the hotel lobby, a kind of paradise feeling.
  • Erin19820601
    Like a typical Jiangnan garden. for a daze all day.
  • e01068519
    Room not very clean, breakfast good, too much noise upstairs!