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The Yangzhou Centre and Residence (Yangzhou Changle Kezhan) is handy to a number of popular Yangzhou attractions such as Ge Garden,  ancient canal,  Zhunti Temple and the Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall.
This Yangzhou hotel features prominent classical Chinese design elements with its pavilions,  terraces,  latticed windows,  curved eaves,  stone paved road.
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住客评论 2067条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • diana.tian
    The family was pleased with the hotel, felt like living in a private garden, go out the Kanto Street, in a quiet, room Chinese style, don't feel new, to Yangzhou later also chose this, and introduced to a friend.
  • xc55745461
    Really makes me feel good unexpected Inn, is currently the most satisfactory hotel, the scenery is awesome
  • lingmonde
    A very good environment, very characteristic, we feature residential areas, bathroom small, the room's soundproofing was poor.
  • BS, Lanzhou Radisson
    very good!very good!very good!very good!very good!very good!
  • ruby1
    Hotel location in Dong Guan Jie, is very good. is a beautiful hotel gardens. crowded places to go. around old street is busy, eat a lot of things.
  • silversummer
    Naozhongqujing Dong Guan Street Inn, go out the environment is very great if there is a history, comparable to a park, only drawback is the bathroom the smell is too strong and the bathroom door is closed firmly wish to improve
  • DanDanDan
    Nice, service was good, and stayed for two days, lost in. was not satisfied with only advance payment see free fruit and afternoon tea, reaching the shop said no.
  • oo327
    Ancient architecture landscape, are featured in the South, parking is not allowed at the door, in the pedestrian street, if you drive to go a few steps from the surrounding landscape are very close, very warm this season.
  • feng2826
    Tomb-sweeping day with MOM and dad to Yangzhou. rooms, two rooms in the yard, just our family. slightly smaller rooms, other facilities. the hotel itself is a garden, Nice. During the booking to inject is my dad's birthday, but no, feeling lack of humane care. staff are also relatively formulaic.
  • e00230700
    Very has features of hotel, pure Chinese style antique, accounted for to area is big room is not more, everywhere are has views, than those cookie of star hotel has personality have more, full has China classical of flavor. service and health do have also very in place. location should said is good, on in Dong Guan Street, a park of opposite. only of insufficient is because in Dong Guan Street Central, Inn int also is good, ship fang Stone Mountain, small bridge water. I live of is third, floor standard room, room within facilitiesComplete, just good, overall definitely worth a stay!
  • mf0103
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
  • e00138514
    Hotel is located in the city center, very characteristic and look forward to the opportunity to go to
  • tom_yc
    Oh well
  • amoydos
    Friends recommend and choose the hotel were pretty good, and will recommend to their friends:) Convenient location, hotel comfort and holiday good choice ... great!
  • pan0576
    Well, worried about how to book the hotel in the future.
  • e01176067
    Before arrival and some worry privately stay in 5 star hotels for the first time, fear is not worth it. But after staying at, really think too value. landscape in the hotel is very good, like attractions to those gardens. was going to go to a park, directly in the hotel took some photos later, Mei da. Room space, and everything, taking into account the very thoughtful. clean, full of wooden furniture wood. love his family's SOAP, fragrance like, like texture, after going to the bathroomIts subtle fragrance. Nice. son lived in feeling turned into a gentleman, make fun of his. Yangzhou, rooms at the Changle Inn is a very wise decision ... absolutely not regret it! Central location in Dong Guan Jie, go out and it's very easy to clip clop. Huaiyang cuisine to eat, had zero direct in the hotel restaurant you can ... delicious!
  • Black Dragon Dragon
    Room facilities very good, very convenient to eat
  • willlove
    Hotel is located in the Downtown East Street, conveniently, the hotel itself is a classical garden, is very good!
  • e02099359
    A very good environment in itself is like a garden!
  • leveret
    Living in the General House
  • januar113
    Ancient garden-style hotel, allow you to go back thousands of years ago. recommended hotels.
  • aussic
    But at the property itself to Yangzhou gardens experience the best hotel staff are lovely
  • jianglmm
    Overall good, the only problem is when you check out, not at the front desk asked us if there's a car in the parking lot, to obtain a free ticket, we were out of the parking lot to pay 26 Yuan (hotel invoices to prove is we said, but charges does not endorse, we return to the hotel, and we hurry, just forget about it)
  • asdgs
    Very nice hotel, the hotel itself is the attraction, patted photo in it, you can go for a long time. few people, more praise than other classic attractions.
  • jasminefy
    Breakfast needs improvement. Food is served cold variety is limited.
  • lm19860611
    All right
  • amandawei1981
    Excellent value, in addition to surprise, and surprise.
  • baiyutang11
    Yes, the rooms are clean, breakfast is good
  • als_wjie
    Just from West Park Hotel out, on moved to has Changle Inn, wants to experience different of style, but this a move, moved out has full anger. If said West Park Hotel to I of feel value seven, Changle Inn overall value four star star's. following objective to to analysis about's of, a, is located in Dong Guan Street, shopping street is convenient. but also is because is located in Street Middle, so if mention with luggage, young words, from parking into to, also is has a not short of distance, not pushRecommended luggage more of guest staying. two, pattern is garden and features houses integrated and into of, accounted for to area is big of, Garden deep, feel like through live into has salt of private general, this feel good. but I live of is has yard has living room of Street South House seventh, floor, room big is big, but to and portal of households share with a living room and yard, private sex enough, single woman to face Portal two bit men, heart how many somewhat weird of. front desk if consider to this aPoints, should to according to gender designated in with a small hospital in only compared right. three, bath supplies is since produced of, non-brand. no bathtub. four, waiter of number obviously enough, service consciousness enough strong, see has surface, on so turned a blind eye to through, also is I active playing of greeted. five, detailed said said I angry of after. from West Park Hotel check out, West Park of employees enthusiasm to to I introduced said, I alone a people, luggage and sank, can let taxi to Dong Guan Street Street, let ChangleInn sent battery came received. I call Changle front desk, other told I can let driver stopped in a Park North door, battery soon on will came. and told, fast to a Park North front a two minutes, will can call notification driver starting. taxi driver very enthusiastic, to a Park North door Shi, also asked I said, call Changle front desk, see is in a Park North door, also is in by Qian one points of Dong Guan Street Street, compared for. I second times call Changle front desk, asked Hou, Miss said let I onIn a Park North door,, because notification has battery driver in there received I. I full joy, thought case, car should fast to has, so patience waiting for. but station in road side, risked 10 degrees of cold weather, sucking with clip with dust of air, blow with cold blow has full nearly 20 minutes, also is missing figure. I again call Changle front desk, asked I whether, wrong has location. results other said, also didn't to did? I has notification has car has Ah, then again to a sentence, Today has married Banquet, they may compared busy. I suddenly heart pulled cool pulled cool of, I immediately response said, if determine can't time, as soon as possible notification I, I himself go past also total than in wind in the silly, stronger. results two minutes Hou, front desk was reply said, battery driver to can't has. I is not sentimental of people, if front desk in received I scheduled received car service of when, on and concierge department communication had, confirmed staff enough, cannot car, can timely and I contact, I alsoWill understanding of. but, I three turned five times phone playing past zhihou, to last only to such of results, is is let people cannot accept. five-star of hotel, cannot alone only hardware facilities standard, now soft service, is customer are most value of factors! last, I asked front desk the how go to Inn, front desk told I in a Park North door of jasmine city into to, 200 meters on to has. Jasmine city of floor, full is big chunks of green stone, I poor of lever box wheelsAh, I think go finished that paragraph road, they at least less has a layer skin! to has yihou only found, only I ahead go little, from Dong Guan Street Street in, is flat smooth of cement, front desk Miss why not asked clear I of situation on to I refers to has this a article most difficult go of road? I really of is angry to cannot with speech expression., I checkin Shi, to lobby Manager complaints, get last just simple of apologized, sent has a Zhang afternoon tea coupons. I because was wind blowHeadaches, has no complaints anymore, but I am very satisfied, because Changle Inn, and the West Park Hotel, hotel services, it's too bad too bad.
  • mf1110
    Room paint is too strong, can not stand
  • carter
    Unique, very suitable for self-driving tour friends
  • e00808498
    Environment said, is very large, and very beautiful, but for this price, wireless is not to force, is not rational to say that
  • e02444287
    Is surprising, but featured very satisfaction with residential environment, breakfast relatively simple point. but the location is great, East Street, and snacks recommended skin and water!
  • e02869992
    Service very poor of hotel, was at Hotel views of. first phone service on is poor, told I parking through to as long as a few minutes Bell, results I and mother two a people took with box, small cart, also has two a package, also has small baby go in uneven of green stone Shang, hard imagined. no any hotel of employees will help you...... Calculate, store know that hotel has a car park at the hotel shuttle bus, but customer service will not tell you! Then, the front desk is notKnow the State room, don't even know there is no heating or air conditioning! and then stay after we go out and eat, shuttle bus to pick up, and when we went back, refused to send the said road, pictures I took down the road can go-call the hotel again, cold one; go! I would never go to this hotel, at least I never would have come with their children, so make me regret my choice of service this hotel.
  • leiailu
    Really like this style Inn
  • e00142644
    Very comfortable hotel
  • lotus1985
    Antique decor, quiet location, go out the East Street, walk a few steps is a garden, good experience, is the sanitary facilities and supplies needed to be improved.
  • felips
    Good 3 hungry with a scalpel and cut stems and kill a granny
  • cccww0
    Hotel rooms for the individual gardens, suitable for a living, quiet, quite satisfactory. service hotel is the common fault, should be strengthened.
  • vincefu
    Very rod of a hotel. hotel is located in Yangzhou Dong Guan Street within, make in the take static, from Hotel starting to where are is convenient, away from a park is recently of, out right turned go dozens of step on to has. Hotel internal can counts as is a park, very quiet, is has mood, we to of time is off-season, more show inside of don't with style. If put hotel all shopping finished, estimated can shopping a days. hotel within everywhere has water, everywhere has rockery, everywhere has bamboo, also has a only Black Swan, pair UyenYang, number article Kam in, children most like. is like they of features houses room, husband see has evaluation, package Xia has a campus, on we three mouth, is free. hotel breakfast West are has, also has Yangzhou features food, is big, only insufficient is breakfast to to 7:30 all dish products to all Shang align, 7 points to has only Western bread cake like of. Hotel everywhere has WiFi, very convenient, strong recommended! next to Yangzhou, we also to live here.
  • wangjie269
    Courtyard of the hotel is very good, very nice, good location
  • panxfox
    Good service good location good
  • Daisylee8786
    Beautiful hotel blast! is the Titans Changle Li's House in the late Qing. itself is the attraction of the Inn, when we are not busy season, sparsely populated, felt the entire yard is mine, good surprise! love, seems like the cross. breakfast also very good. in summary, ... mainly environmental, is awesome!
  • e02834705
    Hotel of location very for to Yangzhou tourism of people live, a park on in hotel next, other of some small attractions away from of also is near, convenient travel. hotel is in a garden of based Shang alterations of, environment is good, scale is big, views beautiful, like South garden of can as preferred. breakfast good, staff attitude also good. I is with children to of, luggage some more, parking away from Hotel some distance, has shuttle vehicles, but didn't was told I, check outHou, I drag with so more luggage go, still no people told I has shuttle vehicles, until parking Hou only know. hotel of price and five-star hotel discount price almost, based facilities up not to five-star hotel, but garden landscape is unique, has itself features. staff quality and four star above hotel compared, to be strengthening, I even also see management personnel in front of guest surface reprimanded service personnel. mention views is hope hotel can do of better, anyway for price also canIn order, the next time you come, will choose.
  • adis0111
    Yangzhou good, hotel has a private garden, very good.
  • enya0829
    Go out the snack Street. the hotel itself is very comfortable, travel between the two families is a small yard, nice
  • rare8211
    Main is at Hotel original salt mansion alterations this reasons staying of, itself on has many place can shopping, can visit. to travel live had, this with parents to Yangzhou play on decided set this hotel. wants to live features houses, but need double bed room, features houses are is big bed, only set has business standard between, in Street South House 1 floor, room than smaller, into to full House camphor taste, almost smoked Halo past, toilet where portal room, Middle has a Office connected, parents specialAutomatic toilets, like the bathroom toilet. Hotels in East Street, drop shopping street, eat snacks are very convenient.
  • feng121781888
    Nice stay, comfortable bed, clean, hygienic ... next time.
  • dt6000
    Hotel is very unique, very nice, breakfast was simple!
  • Wuhequdai
    Next time, I'll still come! is awesome