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Yangzhou Centre and Residence is located in Shuangdong Historic District, one of the top ten famous streets in China ? Originated from Dongguan ancient ferry, the historic district is the earliest salt merchant settlement and prosperous traditional business district in Yangzhou history. It is also the best preserved ancient street in Yangzhou. The hotel is only separated from Geyuan, one of the four major gardens in China. There are many cultural attractions around, such as the ancient canal, the ancient city of Dongguan, and so on. All the scenery reflects the local cultural customs of Yangzhou.
It is a cultural relic protection building. It was built by Li Hesheng's Yipu in the early Republic of China, Hua Youmei's Huashi garden in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Ma Yue Lu and Ma Yue Lu from Qimen, Anhui Province, who were called 'two horses of Yangzhou' during the KangQian and Qianlong periods. They built the jienan bookstore in Yangzhou, and four ancient houses and other courtyards in the general's mansion of Li Changle in the Qing Dynasty, It is a boutique hotel with historical style, traditional characteristics, original ecology and fashion leisure.
It is invested and built by Yangzhou Mingcheng Construction Co., Ltd. All staff of the hotel will wholeheartedly provide guests at home and abroad with comfortable but not luxurious, warm but not publicity services.
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FAQs when booking at Yangzhou Centre and Residence
  • How far is the hotel from Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport?

    Yangzhou Centre and Residence is 30.3km from the airport.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangzhou Centre and Residence?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Yangzhou Centre and Residence.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangzhou Centre and Residence accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangzhou Centre and Residence?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangzhou Centre and Residence?

    The room prices is from cny547, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • willlove
    The hotel is located in downtown Dongguan Street, which is convenient to travel. The hotel itself is a classical garden, which is great!
  • e00267750
    The hotel is located in Dongguan Street. There are lots of delicious food around it. I will check in next time.
  • delewin
    In fact, the hotel is located in a private garden in Yangzhou. As soon as I enter the hotel hall, there is a strong platform, and there is no elevator to go to the room. I take a baby stroller and I need to move it up and down. I'm tired. What's inconvenient? The hotel design is not humanized
  • ajianno
    The hotel is amazing. After check-in, it feels like crossing time and space. It has reached the point of seeing who recommends to whom!
  • fypaula
    It's a very good hotel, which integrates tradition and modernity. It's a garden in itself, and it's worth staying
  • luxgod
    The location is very good, but I still don't like Chinese hotels. There is a smell in them. It feels musty, but the hotel says it smells of wood. The price of the standard room is too expensive to be worth it.
  • LeadingY
  • susan020
    The hotel is in the center of the city, so it's convenient to travel. The environment in the hotel is also very characteristic and quiet, but the bed in the room is hard and a little collapsed. It's not bad on the whole.
  • blingblingling
    The location of the hotel is very good. There is no need to queue up for a garden. The facilities are also very good, the garden maintenance is also very good, there are deficiencies in the United States, and there are some deficiencies in the service. For example, the check in efficiency of the front desk is low, and when there are guests waiting in line at the back, we continue to chat with the previous guest; I haven't seen any doorman help carry luggage (the threshold is high, it's inconvenient to drag luggage with children). After check in, no one guides the location of the room, so I can only find it by myself. There are two places for breakfast in the hotel, one of which has little food, and the other five scriptures hall is not bad. Overall, expectations are too high, resulting in lower expectations.
  • bendangege1984
    More mosquitoes
  • leiailu
    I like this style of inn very much
  • bluetears7858
    There are not many kinds of breakfast. In fact, there are all kinds of food in the hotel, so it doesn't matter whether it includes breakfast or not.
  • sungjb
    It's really great. I'll come back. The environment and scenery are better than a garden
  • app666888
    The antique hotel itself is a big garden, the environment is very good, we played in the hotel for most of the day, go out is the Dongguan Street, eat, drink and have fun! It's worth coming again!
  • lvpeng0827
    not bad
  • Cindy99
    Yangzhou preferred hotel, garden style, absolutely tall
  • BlueBomber
    I'm so happy to stay for another night
  • e00094965
    It's really smart here. There are small bridges and flowing water, Jiangnan gardens, black swans, and quiet in the midst of trouble. Especially in terms of management, the pedestrian street at the gate and the shops along the street are of good quality, no soliciting customers, no random stalls, civilized business, especially quiet, sleeping at night, good facilities and equipment in the room, unlimited routers in each room, and large shower water, The overall feeling is that I live in Suzhou gardens and will come to stay in the future. There are not many people. It may be non weekends and holidays. I can get it!
  • salevga
    Changle is the first choice to Yangzhou every time
  • Peter.G
    Good location, located on Dongguan Street. Although it is noisy outside, because the hotel is very large, I only see few people and feel very quiet and leisurely. The most commendable thing is the exquisite and beautiful garden landscape inside the hotel. Worst of all, the facilities in the room are rough and unsanitary.
  • balinna
    Dongguan Street is just outside the hotel. Geyuan is just opposite the hotel. It's very convenient for sightseeing and shopping. The hotel itself is a beautiful garden, and the photos are the interior of the hotel.
  • aarontang
    The location of the hotel is very good. The hotel itself has beautiful scenery and the room is very quiet. I will stay next time
  • ariesli
    The hotel is located in Dongguan Street. It is a hotel with the characteristics of Jiangnan folk houses and Jiangnan gardens in China. The garden scenery in the hotel is not inferior to the garden scenic spots charged. This time, I live in the New Street South bookstore. The newly decorated room still has smell. The mattress in the room will slide when sleeping on it. The windows of the room are opened on the corridor. The ventilation is not very good. There was no breakfast before, Now it includes breakfast, but breakfast is chicken ribs. Most people who want to experience authentic Yangzhou morning tea will go out to eat.
  • nicetoo
    I like this kind of hotel very much. When I go out, it's a snack street. The order is two rooms plus a small yard. Adults are drinking tea and chatting in the yard, while children are playing around. It's a great experience!
  • JIE6866
  • isabellla
    It has the characteristics of Chinese garden, covers a large area, the guest rooms are very warm and comfortable, and the location is super good. Next to it is the famous scenic spot Dongguan Street and Geyuan
  • daniwei
    It's the best hotel I've ever stayed in. It's quiet and the garden is beautiful. It's like a journey! I live on the 15th floor. There is a small yard here. There are swans. It's very convenient to go to Dongguan Street through the lobby. It's very busy and you can eat there. Breakfast in the hotel is delicious! Although there are not many varieties, it's great! pretty good!
  • print
    Hotel environment is good, private garden type, location is quiet. The black swan in the pool is graceful. The only problem is that the room is a little small.
  • cjf33
    It's really antique in Dongguan Street, which is recommended by a friend. It's the reconstruction of a former local luxury house. It's really nice to live in a Chinese style room here at night. I recommend it!
  • mengyebinxun11
    Very satisfied with the hotel. It's on Dongguan Street. Shopping and food are the same. The hotel is like a scenic spot. The children are happy to feed the fish and swans for two days. Besides, the service of the hotel is very good.
  • lijianfeivip
    The environment is very good. It's antique. It's just that the room has a taste. It may be renovated soon
  • leean777
    The environment is very good
  • DDJJ8082
    It's a distinctive inn. It's convenient to travel. In the pedestrian street, there are places to eat and play around. The car needs to be parked in the parking lot of food street. Just get the parking ticket from the service desk of the inn. I'll go next time.
  • xixiao_0719
    Very, very good hotel. I'll stay there in Yangzhou in the future. It's a hotel with great feeling and taste. Great
  • fabdd0902
    Garden Hotel, very beautiful. Facing the back door of a garden, calm down in the noise
  • GeniiLu
    The hotel is mainly composed of two parts: Changle Inn and jienan bookstore. This time I lived in the South Street Bookstore. Superior geographical location, located in the city center, it is very convenient to go to all scenic spots. The main entrance of the hotel is on Dongguan Street. You can walk to a garden. If you go to the hotel from Wenchang Middle Road, you need to ask the way, otherwise you can't find it easily.
  • wujingdong2000
    The environment is really good
  • Magicmore
    This is my second stay. Battery car from the parking lot to the lobby, ordered two characteristic houses, to the first building, the garden across the street. Such a large garden, only our family of four, enjoy a large private garden. Separated from Geyuan, outside is the noisy Dongguan Street, inside is the quiet courtyard, pavilions, rockeries and waterside pavilions. Mom and dad are very satisfied.
  • raineast
    It's worth living in a small room.
  • e05143676
    All five! There's nothing to say in all aspects! The general's house in the midst of trouble!
  • bxiong
    Those who come out to Yangzhou and live here are in the garden. It's very comfortable. Praise one!
  • baby_nice
    The environment is really good, Da Ai. Both the hotel and Guandong Street are full of scenery. The service of the hotel is also very good. We will consider staying in the future.
  • tbgirl
    Feels good. It would be better if the service staff could keep up
  • ctava
    The room is far from the price. The room is not soundproof, the toilet water can't be washed away, the curtains can't block out the light, and the service attitude is not very good. It's absolutely impossible to choose any more
  • xiaodifou
    The hotel environment is good, but the window of the room is facing the corridor, which can't be used.
  • a17868238
    The environment is very good. It's just a small garden. It's suitable for taking photos
  • lvcong1023
    The environment and location of the hotel are very good. Although it's the cheapest standard room, the sanitation and hardware are still poor. The shower in the bathroom is too small as other guests said. It's very uncomfortable
  • matt_ye
  • lulijun960918
    Location - the hotel is located in the pedestrian street. Because it's the first time to go to Yangzhou, the taxi stops not far away. After looking for the hotel for a long time, I feel that the location of the hotel is very good. You can go to Dongguan Street at any time. There are too many snack bars on the street, which is very cheap. Facilities - the hotel rooms are well equipped, clean and comfortable. The most praiseworthy thing is that the scenery in the hotel is just like a park, full of beautiful scenery. It's also good to be reluctant to go out in the hotel, including rockery, black swan and pavilions. Service - the front desk service is average. I don't mention the welcome fruit or afternoon tea when I make a reservation. When I call and ask, I forget it. Later, I forget it. I don't ask every day. It's meaningless. How's the breakfast? The Chinese style is delicious. The western style is very simple.
  • e01799872
    Everything is good, just Xiaogui
  • badroot
  • wennysa
    In Dongguan Street, with its antique architectural style and excellent environment, I feel like I'm passing through it. However, the light is not very bright at night. Walking in the yard is still a little scary. Living alone is not recommended. The characteristic folk house is an ancient house with small rooms. The only dissatisfaction is that the gate is not often guarded. The threshold is half a meter high. It's hard to go in with a box. The taxi driver didn't know the nearest entrance to the hotel, so he put us at the gate of the tower of Dongguan Street. It took us a kilometer to get there. We didn't get there until we were hungry and ate a bowl of dumplings.
  • gomountain
    Good. I'll check in later
  • jojo_8448
    Beautiful, beautiful environment, quiet, quiet sleep, cold, indifferent service, small, the room is too small, expensive, and the house price is too expensive. Although the room is a little too small, the environment is really beautiful, but the service is too poor. The service is cold and cold. There is no smile at the front desk. It seems that it is a group of wayward children without training. You can't live in it. It feels like the emperor's daughter doesn't worry about getting married. There are two restaurants for breakfast guests and one when there are few At 9 a.m. on the 27th, I asked the man at the front desk how to get there. He told me that there was a map on the wall. Later, the local elder sister who was still cleaning told me how to get there. Because it was inconvenient to go to other scenic spots on the pedestrian street, it was suggested that you'd better stay for one night and experience it. Crystal orange and Xiyuan Hotel are recommended.
  • FuluYu
    Because it is located in the most bustling Dongguan Street, you can go shopping and eat. The hotel itself is the ruins of ancient houses. Finally, there is a car to the Geyuan parking lot. Especially recommended. The only thing is that there is a slight problem with sound insulation. In addition, someone may be too busy at night.
  • arielyi
    The environment is good, the service needs to be improved
  • embrare
    It's a nice inn. It has a big yard and raises black swans and mandarin ducks. It's on the ancient street. It's enviable when you go out. Ha ha ha
  • maja_liu
    It's very special, it's worth recommending, and the room is very comfortable
  • eleven851111
    Hotel location should be said to be super good. On Dongguan Street, it's very convenient to visit. Opposite is the South Gate of Geyuan. You can directly enter Geyuan. In terms of food, there are many snacks on Dongguan Street, which can't be finished from the beginning to the end. The whole courtyard of the inn is a kind of Jiangnan garden with a special antique color. Our whole family likes it very much. It feels like time is in disorder. There are several ponds in the garden where fish, geese and mandarin ducks are kept, and children can feed them. It's super happy. The interior of the room is also very large, and the standard is not low. There are small refrigerators and safes. Although they are not very useful to us, they feel very classy. Kids and we love it. The only inconvenience is that on Dongguan Street, the parking is 2-3 minutes away, but the inn has an electric luggage cart
  • bonnie_w
    My daughter loves this inn
  • oO frost Piaoyu Oo
    It's on the old street, opposite the South Gate of a garden. It's very lively. But after entering the inn, there was a special cave. The noise outside suddenly left. The exquisite garden courtyard was very comfortable.
  • ayueayue
    There was no time to comment on the Internet. On the night of check-in, the guests in the opposite room led a group of people to play poker in the patio and aisle all night. There was no intervention of security and service personnel to stop them. I didn't ask for trouble when I went out. I checked out and stayed in Huijin Xuanwu Hotel in the morning.
  • a339354237
    I've been here many times. This is an outing with my family in Yangzhou. I also prefer Changle inn. Everyone likes it very much
  • laoxu1984
    The transportation is not very convenient. It's a little difficult to find. Everything else is OK. If you like to sleep with two quilts separately, you'd better not choose this store, because they only provide one quilt
  • cyxstar
    The hotel environment is very good. It is a typical southern garden. You can visit the garden for 3 hours in the drizzle. Rockeries, ponds, green trees, flowers... Step by step, there are scenes everywhere, and your mood is quiet and pleasant. It is really longer than playing in a garden. Just for one thing, the door in my room is also locked except the courtyard door. I went out to close the window in the middle of the night and locked myself out. There is no calling equipment in the living room and nearby, so I can only go far to the lobby to get the door card... If I live in this room alone, pay attention!
  • tom_yc
    pretty good