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The Yangzhou Centre and Residence (Yangzhou Changle Kezhan) is handy to a number of popular Yangzhou attractions such as Ge Garden,  ancient canal,  Zhunti Temple and the Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall.
This Yangzhou hotel features prominent classical Chinese design elements with its pavilions,  terraces,  latticed windows,  curved eaves,  stone paved road.
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住客评论 2109条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • distantadmirer
    Rooms at night, such as through the Millennium
  • yourcells
    Hotel environment good, with room card next several College Plaza Park are can in around, WINS in people less, quiet, is beautiful. hotel room of bathroom facilities on weak some, location very convenient, out is lively of Dong Guan Street, snacks type more, out dining is convenience General for also is price good of hotel, in independent of small hospital in Sun Sun Sun drink tea, special of comfortable comfortable, yihou should also will with family to live.
  • e02433919
    Beautiful quiet, peripheral ... breakfast was delicious. garden style hotels. is said to be the size of 60 acres of land area. lobby has two separate check in and check out. the lobby is a modern classical style.
  • canbird
    Environment said, super easy to travel around all tourist attractions-the hotel overall is good, simple folk, but the room was a bit small, and overall feel of the dark. for reference
  • imyangtao
    From the surroundings are very pleasant and comfortable room environment, prices are very favorable, very good. a family live in 5 rooms, arranged in three into the room, a whole
  • a695315843
    A garden between two rooms, decorated very retro, vintage episodes of people like me are delighted. prior to arrival to worry about mosquito bites, so do the preparations resulting mosquito problem gone, but rain the rain disturbed sleep.
  • baojbxpig
    Don't say it environment and great location, elegant little garden, quiet time, a cup of tea and a ray of sunshine, a great memory!
  • cx0576
    Hotel is located in the bustling East Street, to eat a lot of snacks. where different, style of Ming and Qing dynasties like, my husband praises? next time to check in. hotel garden is so beautiful, what a big, turns on for a long time, place a large
  • BigCatlai
    Arrangement of rooms in the Plaza garden deep courtyard, patio parties, is Bank boss's House. Live here quiet elegance, as if across the thousands of years ago. it is an unforgettable experience, with parents to spend a few days in the future.
  • cai421104
    Hotel location is very good, in East Street, very close to the Park, the hotel itself is a garden, breakfast is good, very satisfied.
  • Pappy
    Great place
  • bjwya
    A small refrigerator in the room a bit noisy
  • cristiano0007
    It's out of this world, I think it is preferred to Yangzhou!
  • oTvTo
    Nice is not convenient for transportation, identifies the difference
    Hotels in Dong Guan, on the street, bring their own garden, felt no need to park. very good
  • iocaswang
    Chinese style garden decoration of small bridges and elegant environment.
  • mingbei
    Hotel environment is particularly beautiful, convenient, very close to the Park. service attitude is good.
  • E Students
    Environment, traffic is very good ... just a place to live further away from the main line, hot water for about 15 minutes in order to have, is a waste of time and a waste of water.
  • bestbess1015
    Hotel is beautiful garden environment so beautiful, business standard room slightly small, bigger would be nice. go out the East Street, a lively pedestrian street. very good hotels are heritage, Government-run hotels, access can have battery car Shuttle, very convenient. went on to be selected here.
  • miyavi120
    Hotel naozhongqujing, journey into amazing caves, once there, meditating, it was a memorable trip.
  • jamesjovi
    Address of the Yangzhou East street No. 309. static homes downtown, it is worth staying, especially the 2-day rain?, no Inn, you can stroll!
  • liaoyd
    Hotel very good! Yangzhou best of one of! location perfect, environment is national first-class of, but this accommodation encountered has some didn't quality of visitors, was in ancient House Garden in midnight playing poker, loud noise, serious effect has around live guest of rest, insult has ancient Yangzhou, tarnished has ancient jiangdu, such of thing shouldn't appeared in Changle this grade of hotel, please Hotel note
  • didadil
    Good hotel overall is feeling itself are attractions inside the garden
  • luo5523656
    Beautiful environment, come again!
  • e03329966
    The external environment of the hotel is very good, comparable to a park. poorer internal facilities. is not the size of the room, is health. the floor is dirty, sheets are not very clear. ground floor toilet and there are still other people's hair.
  • gang_m
    Great environment, great location, next to a park, go out the East Street, parking is in trouble, no way, who let inside the pub in East Street, HA HA
  • e01870987
    Location is very good, environment is also good but not the time to go inside.
  • lxd0532
    Antique, beautiful gardens, is my favorite place! absolute praise! was sweeping the floor after aunt don't speak loudly in the door of the room at noon, affecting rest. can change a place, thank you!
  • leeyt
    Which is very nice
    Garden Hotel, WINS in the beautiful scenery, the hotel itself is attractions, it is worth shopping around. Hotel opened in East Street, next to a car parked in the underground car park. Go out the East Street, lively and delicious; In the door is quiet simple. Lack of room amenities were slightly older, room slightly compact; the bathroom doors closed too tight, the room has a dry taste but the scenery made up for aCut
  • BennyTong
    Though the city, very quiet. pavilions, winding streets ... very good \ ^ _ ^/
  • flwfiona
    Really good, Near East Tower, door bar snack stop.
  • flyoverpasific
    Around Nice, breakfast was delicious, we lived next to for a couple night work very positively.
  • cactusindesert
    Well, fine, hotel is large
  • bmsyc
    Very nice
  • Baila Berra
    Is located in Dong Guan Jie, location, environment was great
  • gentlemamn
    In a quiet, 11 holiday choice, outside the packed, show children at an Inn around very happy.
  • james3567
    If you do not want to experience deep feelings not recommended in the ancient House, with Windows and no Windows, no difference between the Windows of the aisle simply cannot open is a glass, sound insulation is 0 is a big garden around the hotel as a whole was good, sanitary towels towels of the change
  • d02056402
    Had to points a praise, live has two days not in consumption hotel, is in consumption culture. South garden type of hotel very beautiful. internal decoration also is has style, go of when are couldn't help away has has embroidery of one-time slippers;). hotel location also is good, in a park oblique portal. to a park Shi suddenly rain, to hotel call they is enthusiastic of sent Concierge sent has put umbrella past. Unfortunately only live has two late didn't good in inside around. yihou has opportunities also will live here!
  • clfbmw
    Service General, cleaning the door has not been closed, breakfast quality. but the garden environment so beautiful!
  • e01714224
    Very good hotel, 51 naozhongqujing, very comfortable, playing in the hotel on the line, don't have to go to a host of attractions to look at people.
  • manunitd
    Service is good! kind, friendly, excellent value!
  • diana.tian
    The family was pleased with the hotel, felt like living in a private garden, go out the Kanto Street, in a quiet, room Chinese style, don't feel new, to Yangzhou later also chose this, and introduced to a friend.
  • xc55745461
    Really makes me feel good unexpected Inn, is currently the most satisfactory hotel, the scenery is awesome
  • lingmonde
    A very good environment, very characteristic, we feature residential areas, bathroom small, the room's soundproofing was poor.
  • BS, Lanzhou Radisson
    very good!very good!very good!very good!very good!very good!
  • ruby1
    Hotel location in Dong Guan Jie, is very good. is a beautiful hotel gardens. crowded places to go. around old street is busy, eat a lot of things.
  • silversummer
    Naozhongqujing Dong Guan Street Inn, go out the environment is very great if there is a history, comparable to a park, only drawback is the bathroom the smell is too strong and the bathroom door is closed firmly wish to improve
  • DanDanDan
    Nice, service was good, and stayed for two days, lost in. was not satisfied with only advance payment see free fruit and afternoon tea, reaching the shop said no.
  • oo327
    Ancient architecture landscape, are featured in the South, parking is not allowed at the door, in the pedestrian street, if you drive to go a few steps from the surrounding landscape are very close, very warm this season.