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The Yangzhou Centre and Residence (Yangzhou Changle Kezhan) is handy to a number of popular Yangzhou attractions such as Ge Garden,  ancient canal,  Zhunti Temple and the Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall.
This Yangzhou hotel features prominent classical Chinese design elements with its pavilions,  terraces,  latticed windows,  curved eaves,  stone paved road.
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住客评论 2151条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • BearW
    Very good, health or environment is excellent, next to
  • numen520
    Live in places like a park, playing for two days were not over, the door is a food court, a lot of food, whether adults or children having fun and not tired, is very suitable for parents with children
  • e05143676
    All five! didn't say! naozhongqujing General mansion!
  • darling7287152
    Very good, hotel is in a small garden outside Dongguan Street.
  • tonyscs
    Yes, environment is very beautiful, very close to the pedestrian street
  • babyg
    Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod rod
  • maweibo
    Value for money good, garden is very beautiful. also Black Swans and Mandarin ducks, children really enjoy. room was small, bathroom small, but the location is good
  • winelevenxy
    The place to be alone can play. Yang in addition to Dong Guan Jie, Yuan, basically nothing can play
  • BLUE sea Ting Feng
    Oh well next time you come to Yangzhou preferred
  • bamboojin
    Last to Yangzhou on look has this Inn, unfortunately didn't opportunities live. This is help more than 70 age of parents set of rooms. first days call back, said is returned to has old, thought they not like. back only said, is old of landlords home. haha! Dong Guan Street door of security people is good, Dad leg has disability, door of threshold too high, security will help put threshold split has let he access convenient. breakfast also is good varieties more, just old parents appetite small, eat can't how many. guestStack day night are is quiet, they morning outside play good, afternoon again sleep a NAP. is MOM said night too quiet has, somewhat scary. into Access out almost no met had other of guest, only eat breakfast of when only know has so more people live. location is convenient, sat tourism sightseeing bus can to many attractions. Dong Guan street of hotel may somewhat small your, they found alley child in of several hotel, said is and delicious and deal. This 4 days, they had of is enjoy~~~ If I go next time, be sure to myself living here! there are insufficient mother complained that 1 is the wardrobe door wouldn't close, 2 bad Daddy legs, bath places not convenient for the elderly and the disabled, 3 night hadn't bathed ... Fortunately has not affected their own mood.
  • Cornucopia
    Hotels as well as private gardens, quaint, picturesque, live much better than five-star hotels here! to Yangzhou to staying here in the future.
  • AlanLeu
    Very good hotel
  • CarmenLeo
    Guardian of ancient buildings of Ming and Qing-style resort hotel nice nice naozhongqujing.
  • laoxu1984
    Traffic is not easy, it is a bit difficult to find, others is OK, if it is like two quilts to sleep separately from friends had better not choose this store, because they only provide a blanket
  • iamgreen
    Which is very nice
  • baicaipi
    Location of course, gathered beside Heung Chai super convenient. poor soundproofing of rooms. unexpected is the hotel's cuisine is delicious, finally bought home. feeling well!
  • lwf0214
    Environment said all services, Changle Inn beauty, the next time you meet.
  • MANBU163
    Hotel itself is a garden, the environment is very beautiful, the kids had very nice on the inside, the hotel's location is also very good, go to attractions, eating what's easy, next time you will choose to stay.
  • alacs
    Rockery and water Pavilion hospital, overall a good environment, good cleaning. static to girls cowardly fear.
  • cocomail
    Hotel is really nice, friendly, go out the Dong Guan Jie. service attitude is good. gardens really beautiful walk in the hotel gardens, is felt everywhere is the landscape. disadvantage is that breakfast is too simple, eat the early characteristics of Yangzhou. in addition, parking is OK, Wenchang road, stopping the car park parking lot.
  • suri129
    Environment is really good!
  • bluecoco
    Hotel style privacy is high is a park down to the antique went just 4 people travel a afternoon tea in the evening in the courtyard drinking snacks
  • BLUE.158
    Hotels in Dong Guan Jie, the tavern landscape did not have to say, I could become a tourist attraction, the rooms are quite old-style, because the living room, arranged on the ground floor, no wet feeling, but the room has no window screens, only a curtain, with the window open and unsafe, but closed the window and very hot, this is a headache!
  • annlysis
    Beautiful scenery, very good
  • feng45451086
    Rooms can be ... a beautiful environment.
  • adatao
    Hotel is very good, people after the transformation used to warm the heating, said goodbye to the style of traditional, cold, winter warmth, room a rustic original, very fond of this style of architecture, is the ancient old house a little eerie feeling it, afraid to go out alone at night, says walls black, unable to carry inside.
  • mrlonely88
    Location is great, don't have to worry about shopping and eating-environment is also very good ... But the noise is bad ...
  • niebie
    Big bed room large bed too small. nice out when East Street.
  • bubaba
    Well Garden Hotel, full of poetic! go out the door is the Dong Guan Jie! attractions. lack of restaurant guests for a long time, too long!
  • lyfric
    Outside the gate, high threshold should be blocked is a big part of people's footsteps. aisle, across the arch and into the lobby, and the carved screens, lanterns swaying in the wind on the tassels, Arhat imitation mahogany chairs, Chair of the Eight Immortals, through a portico projecting at oblique light place ... ... Make you vaguely feel through the Unreal. rooms at the 3rd floor on the side, along the way, going all the way, even through a small courtyard, separated by a long alley is our live property. As no guide of, really of had to lost in this diffuse with heavy history dust of compound among. and 2 floor of room, wood across of big window distribution Shang bamboo business of volume curtain, only a lamp landing of wood business lamp, do explicit water don't hospital in of warm and soft; free pushed angle Cabinet side of small window, greeted of is a small party garden of green and quiet, let you of heart moments emission tell road unknown of of lazy and comfortable....... Changle is an authentic historic building houses to hotels and packagesEnclosed three a garden; by Republic early Qian Ye brokers Li Hesheng of Plaza nursery, clear late people early salt Hua Youmei of China's Park (that now of Street South College), and in Qing dynasty name Changle Li of General House three at ancient House and the other House rebuilt and into, Changle and China's Park near and home, a seat frame more two at walls of covered bridge across Street connected, Plaza nursery and of across Street across. each garden are has himself of history background, even corner fine at are reveals a share history of rings and years of traces.'Green brick Dai w Ma Tau wall, cloister hanging flower grid window', Bluestone road, Ma Tau wall, spent grid window, Waterside Pavilion GE, cornices Alice bi, trees into yin, winding streets, elegant quiet, is is they common of features. walk which, no play attractions Shi of noisy and rush, some is completely of relax and quiet. even encounter 32 people, also most is staying of guest, will mutual and good of nodded smile. and garden deep at and alley cornices Xia, are let people not consciously to softly whispers,Slowed has has always hurried of footsteps, became Lady General quiet up. in Street South College enjoy afternoon tea Shi, sat in Gallery side, across with glass appreciate with around which of beauty, extremely pocket of a bent small bridge, several block Lake stone, various plant, a article extends which of wood road and wood road Xia looming of tour fish, let this afternoon tea of time is extremely better. and throughout whole Inn three a garden, almost a step a King, let you drunk which dizzying. small bridge water pavilionsPavilions are subtle shadows and laughter, into a pair of floating duck, graceful, Black Swan, willow and bamboo leaves swaying with the wind, make brick Daiwa in the whole garden in one graceful life.
  • Ferret
    Are distinctive Inn, location in the city centre, in a quiet, elegant buildings of Ming and Qing style, people like to cross
  • print
    Nice, private garden, location naozhongqujing. Black Swans grace the pool. the only deficiency, rooms are a little small, hehe.
  • junwen
    Like hotel itself is a beautiful garden, baby don't go out very happy, is East Street outside, out of downtown into the quiet! each building only a few rooms! next time must live!
  • e01932956
    Hotel very good! and antique, traffic is very convenient, the door is Dong Guan Jie, Yuan! very nice hotel! Yangzhou sure I will choose next time!
  • carrielifeng
    Very satisfied and stay here next time you come to Yangzhou
  • iam2552
    Environment is very good
  • MarcJacobs
    Very good hotel, beautiful quiet! the only downside is a health need to improve a little bit!
  • xunxun862
    Very good hotel, a deep courtyard, downtown
  • cnliuxy
    Perfect, excellent location, on East Street. the hotel is a large family house to change, gardens are gardens, there was a forebear. don't have to go to Plaza Park, a park. internal facilities are first-class, antique, is very characteristic, if nothing else, please see hotel slippers, others can be imagined
  • cSwede
    Hotel itself is the attraction, beautiful layout, will some time to hang out in there, it's quite big. is the place to be for a holiday, have the opportunity to live-
  • bxalice
    Hotel is like a park environment is very good, location was convenient, go out the Kanto Street, opposite the Park, take a taxi to Lake starting price, near ye Chun teahouse
  • cxonline
    Very good hotel, parking a little inconvenience.
  • distantadmirer
    Rooms at night, such as through the Millennium
  • yourcells
    Hotel environment good, with room card next several College Plaza Park are can in around, WINS in people less, quiet, is beautiful. hotel room of bathroom facilities on weak some, location very convenient, out is lively of Dong Guan Street, snacks type more, out dining is convenience General for also is price good of hotel, in independent of small hospital in Sun Sun Sun drink tea, special of comfortable comfortable, yihou should also will with family to live.
  • e02433919
    Beautiful quiet, peripheral ... breakfast was delicious. garden style hotels. is said to be the size of 60 acres of land area. lobby has two separate check in and check out. the lobby is a modern classical style.
  • canbird
    Environment said, super easy to travel around all tourist attractions-the hotel overall is good, simple folk, but the room was a bit small, and overall feel of the dark. for reference
  • imyangtao
    From the surroundings are very pleasant and comfortable room environment, prices are very favorable, very good. a family live in 5 rooms, arranged in three into the room, a whole
  • a695315843
    A garden between two rooms, decorated very retro, vintage episodes of people like me are delighted. prior to arrival to worry about mosquito bites, so do the preparations resulting mosquito problem gone, but rain the rain disturbed sleep.
  • baojbxpig
    Don't say it environment and great location, elegant little garden, quiet time, a cup of tea and a ray of sunshine, a great memory!
  • cx0576
    Hotel is located in the bustling East Street, to eat a lot of snacks. where different, style of Ming and Qing dynasties like, my husband praises? next time to check in. hotel garden is so beautiful, what a big, turns on for a long time, place a large