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Temperament outside trim appearance level Hotel + culture is the competitive edge tool

Date: 2018-09-07

The Chinese nation in five thousand, extensive and profound culture, has a long history.In the vast history, traditional Chinese culture shows unique charm.As time passed, blending east and west culture collision, the multicultural let China become more and more internationalized.

On March 13, the 13th at a meeting of the National People's Congress at the great hall of the people at the fourth plenary session.Mentioned at the meeting, to strengthen and reveal the cultural confidence and cultural undertakings and cultural industries as a whole development and tourism resource development, improve the national cultural soft power and the influence of Chinese culture, promote cultural undertakings and cultural industries and tourism integration development, integrating the ministry of culture, the national tourism administration duties, formation of culture and tourism.The move, realize "brigade not separation", make culture has found a new landing site, make tourism also found the soul.There are, according to the analysis of the cultural tourism development will inevitably be the next phase of the task, and tourism and culture are inseparable lodging industry nature also will usher in a new spring.

Accommodations industry is an old industry, it is with the progress of human civilization and constantly improve, enrich and improve, and to update the product form to show the splendid culture essence of human civilization., so to speak, since ancient times, hotels and places of accommodation carrier is cultural interpretations, and culture is the soul of the lodging industry.Long before established cultural tourism, housing industry attaches great importance to culture building, the establishment of cultural tourism, intensifies the integration of culture and the lodging industry.What are the forms hotel + culture?Non-standard accommodation and cultural collision out sparks of how?Culture can give lodging industry how to create opportunities?