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Role of different The hotel how to become the selling point of the combination of leisure holiday destination

Date: 2018-09-13

On September 11-12, 2018, by the world tourism alliance, the Pacific Asia travel association, China association of real estate industry, Asia hotel BBS etc, jointly organized by 2018 Asia tour investment conference and exhibition, held in the magnificent and grand hotel Beijing.

Meeting, east international implicit foam FuWei, chief executive of hotel management co., LTD, magnificent Long Yu hotel group, vice President, vice President of greater China development Cao Qingshan accor hotel group, built in ten thousand holding (group) co., LTD. / ten thousand inheritance (ningbo) brigade group co., LTD., vice President/chief executive Xu Daoming is the selling point of "how to become a comprehensive leisure hotel holiday destination" they discussed this topic, new brigade group founder li Yang as the host.

Different hotel has different situation

Accor hotel group entered China in the 80 s, and now has nearly 5000 hotels, in comprehensive leisure destination, changbai mountain of wanda hotel group, hefei wanda hotel group have similar projects.

Magnificent hotel was founded in 1979, just a few decades has grown into a world-class luxury brand.Magnificent brand from the beginning of the creation is given priority to with a holiday, the resort has some has become a tourist destination, also some is to become the destination of a window and form a complete set.Magnificent hotel group already exists in the commercial complex, also can exist text brigade project, hope to have more interaction with the text brigade.

Hidden foam is the east is the only international resort hotel brands, in addition to the traditional hotel, also do village, complex and comprehensive travel project, more hotel as the core, through the other supporting industries to attract the guests.Building is the supporting industries in addition to the hotel, call it the "1 + X" concept.

Wanda inheritance in ningbo first brigade project emphasises the yacht harbor, thousand thousand township enterprises in the development and reform commission (NDRC).In addition to the hotel, there are now more and more market of yacht, sailboats, and commercial complex.

The characteristics of the four different hotel in global layout, and group's role is different.Standing on the different roles, for the hotel in a tourist destination to role play what role?

New brigade group founder li Yang explained, first we went to a tourist destination consumption, a lot of the hotel we stay for the longest a place, belong to the necessities.There are some do better in global web celebrity hotel has become a destination.

Hotel in tourism destination should play what role?

Accor hotel group vice President of greater China development Cao Qingshan thinks, the discussion needs to have a premise, namely hotel project or area itself has been or will soon become a comprehensive leisure destination.Under this major premise, hotel product should follow two principles.The first to market, the second will be subject to the guest's demand.

On market, is their hope to cooperate with comprehensive leisure destination itself features and tonal and its grade to determine the size of the hotel;To the guest's demand to follow, because the comprehensive leisure destination may be not only a hotel, this is the developers or rises to the government level, to the different class and different sizes of hotel products do perfect collocation, city as far as possible to avoid vicious competition.

"Hotel become a selling point is the premise of the destination is relatively mature and has the better matching, can form the scale joint function, can be the icing on the cake."Li Yang added.

Magnificent hotel group, vice President of Long Yu agree with Cao Qingshan.When the market is not mature, need to order hotel, in the case of market maturity, and the hotel to provide supporting services.The hotel is an important link in comprehensive real estate projects.

But now many large comprehensive tourism to the field, often numerous hotel product, to stand out from the challenges are great, the hotel must make the characteristic, in the product, become the guest's choice.

In the case of magnificent, magnificent not only there is a hotel, in many comprehensive resort project in many primitive tourist area became a destination, it is to stay in a hotel."On the polished product, in addition to live, food is also a bright spot."Long Yu said, "we will look for interesting on product selling points, attract customers, make our comprehensive resort or separate hotel are competitive."

For magnificent, the tourism destination is not necessarily has already formed the tourism atmosphere, but in the most inaccessible places can lead the new holiday wind, make a new life, this could be a direction of the future hotel.And this kind of product, need spend a lot of attention in design.

Hidden foam hotel is not all products are in the tourist destination, tourist areas in mature mature tourist area of fixed customers, in the mature tourist area also has its own customers.East is international implicit foam FuWei, chief executive of hotel management co., LTD is introduced.

Now hidden foam hotel many projects have focused on the cities, no vacation resources, how to attract customers?The hidden foam hotel to the road of the different from accor, magnificent.Don't go high-end, luxury, more is the product design outside the room.In addition, don't do IP of industrial design, more depend on implicit foam unique IP, eight experience through the beginning of the brand to create some activities, present in different hotels, reflects the characteristics of the hidden foam.

In choosing a product, the hidden foam focused on project destination as the axis of radiation surrounding one to three hours of customers groups, form the user viscosity of product.

The hotel has a hotel side direction of the force, for the owner, a joint venture partner, wants to what kind of role in the hotel in the tourist destination?Built in ten thousand holding (group) co., LTD. Chief executive Xu Daoming have their own views.

For holiday resort, the hotel is very important.First of all, the resort project is geared to the needs of the high-end consumer customers, the quality requirement is very high.Secondly to really make a personalized, let the hotel itself is tourist destination.As a holiday resort, hope to be able to create such a hotel.In addition, the holiday destination has two biggest customers are young people, one is parents.Hotel to be in a resort area presented both.