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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница культуры (Yangzhou Centre and Residence), гостиница расположена в одном из десяти крупнейших городских кварталов китая - - - - в историческом районе 《два востока》, исторический район 《два востока》 возник в результате древнего парома дунгуань, ставшего первой в истории КНР соляной колонией и традиционной торговой зоной в китае, а также сохранился в настоящее время в Янчжоу самый благополучный старинный уличный переулок.гостиница и один из четырех китайских садов, один только стена, вокруг много гуманитарных достопримечательностей, древний канал, дунгуань гучэн ит.д., все достопримечательности не отражают гуманизма в районе янчжоу.гостиница
для охраны памятников архитектуры, которая была построена в начале года агентом по денежному бизнесу ли хэ шэнь, сад хуаджуня, цзин - мэнь, известный под названием 'две лошади в Янчжоу', аньмэнь ци мэнь сказал гуань, ма юэ Лу брат промышленности соль в янчжоу, улица построена на юге книжный дом, а также известный как имя династии Цин ли чанлэй генеральский дворец во всех Древних домах и других домахисторический вид, традиционный характер, оригинальная экология и мода досуг в стиле древнего архитектурно - бытовой роскоши отеля.
гостиница построена ООО « знаменитый город» города Янчжоу.весь персонал отеля будет беззаветно предлагать нашим гостям как внутри страны, так и за рубежом уютное и не роскошное, теплое и неподвижное обслуживание.
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  • eric282641
    Inn is located in lively of Dong Guan Street, but is is make in the take static of good place, next is a park. Inn itself is a attractions, Inn of facilities also is rooms, ancient building of maintenance even are than a park maintenance have good. live had Inn, shopping had a park, other garden attractions can without to has, similar. Inn except small exquisite mountain Museum, containing algae Pavilion, attractions, also has gym (although small has points), 24 hours library. only poor of is free parking. front desk to ofParking location in Mau industry department store, actually Mau industry department store door of parking not Inn of parking, real of parking is located in Mau industry department store and next Bank Zhijian of a article path in of parking. may due to recently door in construction of sake, Changle Inn of marked No has, led to we first days stopped wrong place, was charged parking fee, produced has points contradictions, but but also as soon as possible solution has. hope Inn related personnel, timing to two a parking observation about standardShows licensing is complete, so as to avoid misunderstanding of the guests.
  • feifele
    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • jlojlojlo
    Nice in East Street, car park a bit far, but there are electric shuttle, service, room, take the baby bed and King bed a bit small, comfort of the bed is not good, wake up not feeling well
  • e00114037
    Restored private garden, Dong Guan Jie, quiet, very good.
  • coco111
    Featured residential. quiet. garden views well. good value for money.
  • SunnySun1210
    Nice ... just too many mosquitoes.
  • gracelove
    Very nice environment!
  • doni_xu
    The outside environment is very beautiful, the rooms are good, is tables and chairs outside the room with thick dust.
  • allan-wang
    Super like it, went to the national day holidays, because of the crowd, came to live with Yat Po, very quiet, in the bustling East Street, can be said to be faint in the city, next to Yangzhou, will choose to move.
  • ccy2007
    Very good hotel! quiet, shopping is very convenient, hotel theme distinctive, unforgettable-
  • estellaliu
    Environment didn't said, two a garden even up is big, and except no street opposite a park of garden scale, antique of at without less, set has a big bed room, a standard between, compared with standard between where of third, floor than big bed where of eighth, floor slightly less some, but ointment of is 8th, floor where of small hospital are is two households share. hotel of Butler service is compared intimate of, nit words, just other service personnel of attitude compared hotel of environmentMay be marginally deficient, these two days, also had a tone of Yangzhou people, feeling very rushed, but hotel staff I think it should be to squeeze out of town gas as well, always worth living for.
  • m00033123
    Antique, very tasty
  • wangpingmia
    Yes, very much
  • forst_guo
    Staying on schedule features residential housing. Changle of the Inn itself is great, really quiet, stroll in the garden is a way to relax. service was very good, there are car batteries can be sent to the parking lot. included breakfast, rich and delicious. only feels a bit cramped, the room is too small, can experience other rooms the next time.
  • maxyaoi
    Naozhongqujing place, antique, nice
  • pigirl858718
    Dong Guan Jie Center, very good location and very quiet at night so quiet! air conditioning noise is very small. The weather there are mosquitoes and other fine. Breakfast service is also a bit of a mess, I think the Yangzhou all seem to be like this, nobody. supplementary meals are also very slow. Hotel interior is very characteristic, stayed in a hotel for a walk on the first day, compare hotel in front of the packed, still very quiet! Worth inLive.
  • bubble1392008
    Environment said, very domineering, and praise one!
  • aa5433
    Hotel is very elegant, impeccable environment that service can't keep up! waiters have a bone to pick with guests, without favouring, let alone smile! management to improve management, Oh!
  • laufen
    The first choice that each to Yangzhou as
  • AWayJiang
    Environment of the hotel excellent, South of the scenery is very beautiful. but the way brother service consciousness, see guests carrying a big box, no help at all, just walk.
  • EranBrasil
    Well, in East Street, a good atmosphere,
  • tjsanei
    A very good environment, Courtyard hotels, old people and children enjoy. near the Changle road, shop around a lot. meals and transportation is very convenient. didn't stay next time.
  • susu2765
    Selected characteristic residence on the first floor, is a little damp, feel a little bit cold, not as good
  • itsme1
    Is really a good hotel, gardens, ordered 3 times on the set, but very worth it!
  • sdfasd
    Friends high price of room within the hotel but nice
  • lotus1985
    Classic and elegant
  • carmenren
    Good health, good service, better environment, complimentary afternoon tea is also very good, because in the pedestrian street, tour is also super convenient, so want to drag items go a long way to get to the hotel. but it is worth recommending!
  • ansonjojo
    In folk culture area, courtyard, quiet, friendly staff, very good, recommend a living.
  • janan000
    Hotel location is very good, just beside the old streets, quiet, that is far from the parking lot, walked a little distance. the environment is good, but too many people on the street.
  • tiny7
    Well, next time!
  • limengmeng
    Nice, quiet, go out the East Street
  • elcwoo
  • e01489966
    Came back the second time, a great experience, parents are very satisfied. experience a life Gao Menda, hotel service is good, someone tried to take food, such as car park shuttle. East Street naozhongqujing, next time you have a chance.
  • audit-t
    Beautiful classic, China's rich wind. traffic is not easy
  • tanr_1
    Nice environment overall are good!
  • ruobingbo
    Very good hotel, the environment, the location is excellent, next time will come again
  • guoguojy0719
    Hotel is located in Dong Guan Street is a famous attraction in itself, plus go out to eat, very convenient. hotel construction is antique, is very characteristic, has left a deep impression on us. thank you.
  • andrew1967
    Good Inn
  • e00006602
    468 standard room is quite worth the price, and interior decoration of the room is very simple, but the equipment is very well equipped and very clean ... good location, East Street, opposite the Park. can also be arranged at the front desk battery car shuttle to surrounding streets, very convenient.
  • lisasun119
    Hotel was good, nice with local characteristics, room cleaning
  • Maggie04
    Go out the street, eat buy specialty tea is easy. hospital nice, room clean!
  • carrie8899
    Overall satisfaction, service quality, hardware, facilities, catering is particularly recommended, one of 200 Yuan although it's not cheap, but surprisingly refined, adult children are satisfied.
  • loveva2009
    Perfect, elegant environment good places to Park Hotel?
  • aotermancty
    Nice location good although very few people but very comfortable ~
  • leo20020617
    Environment is very good, location was good. is likely to be an old house the many ants in the bathroom, air conditioning was loud.
  • jw630627
    Hotel location is convenient, out there are a lot of delicious food, classical style,
  • lxddy0424
    Great environment, to Yangzhou must experience
  • aojia1983
    On your way to visit Yangzhou in the misty month of flowers, on the occasion of lunar new year March, just come here. This is a great hotel! color, Super, in Dong Guan Jie, good environment! was traveling between the two families, was assigned to the two adjacent suite, and almost detached, too high a price! next time will come to Yangzhou, after living here!
  • lexy126
    Nice, quiet. tourism is very convenient
  • ma_monde
    Hotel environment that is a very rod of, old of House quiet comfort, rent has two between room has a small yard, two a room Zhijian also has a reception room between, Inn itself is a attractions, just due to old room alterations bathroom and room partial small, bed is 1.5-meter of with a small friends words somewhat squeeze, bathroom more is narrow and water also not too good, Halter is is big hot is foot, Inn King is beauty antique without out also can enjoy beauty if can add children amusement on more perfect, Go out the street snacks are very experienced and Inn naozhongqujing recommended